Our Company


To engineer a better quality of life for all


To deliver world class engineering solutions for the electrical power industry and  beyond


Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Empowerment


Pat Naidoo Consulting Engineers is privately owned and registered as an operating company in the Republic of South Africa.

Each project or engineering assignment is uniquely managed and resourced.  The   world’s best engineers are invited as strategic associates or consultants and    engaged, on contract, per project.  Our continuous challenge is to bring to customers the best solutions from the world’s best engineers.


The old story refers:

“Give a man a fish and then continue to feed him forever,
Teach a man to fish and he will feed himself forever.”

This is our choice.

Given that one engineer can impact the quality of life of many persons; of community and nations, and given the large backlog in service delivery, to many persons; communities and nations, it is best that we teach, train and empower engineers to deliver the required solutions.

To this end, we COMMIT to mentor and train all engineers to full professional standing; gratis. The professional engineers would be invited to establish their own practice and to work as “partner firms” with ourselves and the greater industry.

Our approach to work is team based; bringing to our customers the world’s best expertise and experience. With time, this strategy will grow in strength and become a competitive advantage in the final delivery of world class solutions.

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