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Electrical Engineering Projects

Power Generation
Power Transmission
Power Distribution
Power Reticulation
Industrial Power Plant
Commercial Power Reticulation
Domestic Power Reticulation
Power System Studies
Power System Planning
Power System Design
Power System Engineering
Power System Protection
Power System Control
Power System Measurements
Power System Energy and Quality Metering
High Voltage External Insulation Design and Testing
High Voltage Insulation Co-Ordination
Power System Performance Monitoring
Power System Performance Enhancement
Power System Operations
Power System Maintenance
EHVAC and EHVDC Engineering
FACTS Applications
Quality of Supply Specifications and Management
Asset Management
Condition Monitoring
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
Power System Failure Analysis
Existing Power System Upgrade
Existing Power System Conversion from HVAC to HVDC
Live Technology Applications, Research and Investigations
Electrical Safety Engineering and Management

Electrical Energy Portfolio

New Proposals
Energy Options
New Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Development
Energy Management
Energy Savings
Energy Metering
Energy Education
Energy Operations
Energy Economics
Energy Pricing
Energy Trading
Energy Broking
Energy Storage
Energy Banking
Energy Efficiency
Energy Exchange Nationally
Energy Exchange Regionally
Monopoly Markets
Competitive Markets
Oligopoly Markets
Regulation Development
Regulation Policies and Monitoring
Regulatory Processes
Financing off Customer Tariffs; Responsibility and Accountability
Financing off Balance Sheet; Responsibility and Accountability
Financing off Equity; Responsibility and Accountability
Financing off Debt; Responsibility and Accountability

Electrical Projects

Power Project Feasibility Study
Power Project Financing
Power Project Financial Closure
Power Project Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management
Power Project Commissioning
Power Project Operating and Operations
Power Project Revenue Management
Power Plants
Power Generation Projects
Power Transmission Projects
Power Distribution Projects
Project Engineering Management
Power System Refurbishment
Power System Maintenance
Customer Driven Engineering Management
Customer Driven Maintenance Management
Customized Projects
Live Technology Applications
Live Power Line Projects
Live Substation Projects
Renewable Energy Project Development – Grid Applications
Renewable Energy Project Development – Off Grid Applications
Renewable Energy Projects for Small Scale Applications
Renewable Energy Projects for Large Scale Applications
Special Projects on Harvesting of Rainfall
Special Projects on Building Insulation Designs and Applications
Special Projects on Solar Powered Robot Vehicle Traffic Control
Special Projects on Solar Powered Street Lighting
Special Projects on Power Generation from Municipal Waste, Forestry Waste, Garden
Shrubs and Industrial Waste