Welcome to Pat Naidoo Consulting Engineers

Welcome to the world of engineering.  Our workings involve the application of science  within the boundaries of economics to deliver financially sustainable solutions; all  directed towards a better quality of life for all; customers, the public, society in general. Just as a medical doctor helps mankind with pain and trauma, an engineer helps  mankind to experience a better quality of life.

At Pat Naidoo Consulting Engineers, specialists in electrical energy and electrical  power systems, we are convinced that affordable electrical energy with open access to all contributes directly to economic growth, infrastructure development and financial prosperity.  The net result is better health, safety and quality of life for one and all.   This  result elevates electricity for all to be a necessary right, a fundamental right amongst all basic human rights of dignity, of respect, of peace, of goodwill, of health  and safety, of  life; with all rights being non negotiable.

  • Let us work collectively towards this goal of affordable and quality electricity for all
  • Let us ensure ZERO IMPACT on the environment that nurtures and sustains all life
  • Let us deliver safe and secure engineering solutions with an everlasting business result of ZERO ACCIDENT
  • Let us exceed customer expectations and go beyond customer satisfaction to that of customer delight and 100 % SERVICE EXCELLENCE
  • Let us empower all in the process of delivering engineering solutions; happy and satisfied people bring forward new solutions having creativity and innovation
  • Let us work within financial boundaries, always minimising costs and maximising profitability; thus contributing directly to longer term sustainability of self, of customers and all stakeholders